Historic Natural Saltwater Pearl GIA Certified

Actual Pearl lot number 111415-009

Actual Pearl lot number 111415-009

Actual Pearl lot number 111415-009
Sample picture and box
Sample text from Pearl magazine
Sample Certificate of Authenticity

Type of pearl: Pinctada species, untreated

Carat Weight: 0.79 carats lot number 111415-009

Shape: Baroque

Size: 5.48mm

Color: Light cream, chalky

Location of Origin: Southern Caribbean, presumably from the northern coastline of Venezuela, probably the island of Cubagua

Certificate: GIA New York

This pearl is part of a larger batch presumably from the South Caribbean region, on the Northern coast of Venezuela. The pearls have been GIA certified and carbon tested. The results for the carbon testing reveal that there is a 95% chance that the pearls are from between 1455 AD to 1615 AD and there is a 68% chance that they are from 1472 AD to 1537 AD, making them the oldest pearls in that region ever found. Each order comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Prehistoric Foundation LLC and a full color pearl magazine with the story of the pearls history. These pearls are 500 years old, therefore they may or may not have blemishes and or irregular shapes. You are not just buying a natural gem, but also one of historical value.

Price: $1,100

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