Lilies and Pearls Photos for Sending

Send some of my stunning lilies and pearls photos through cyber space to your loved ones and acquaintances. These two beauties make a great pair...colorful, fresh and enduring.

I took some of these by the Mississippi River which is just a bike ride from my home. Others were taken with my own home grown lilies.

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Black pearls on lilies by Mississippi River

Black Beauties

Black pearls on orange lilies

Orange Lily Nestle

Black pearls on orange lily
Lily Orange

Pearls with Colorful Flowers
Pearl Bouquet

River View
Posing Pearls
 Mississippi River

Hold Me Tight

Hanging Around


Slice of Life

 yellow lilies
Down by the Riverside

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Our diligent Iowa DNR even paid me a visit as I was photographing these publicly owned flowers...apparently, someone must have reported a mysterious lady poking around the public flower beds, thinking I was stealing the precious plants.

When they saw I was only photographing the lilies they had so carefully placed by the Mississippi River at the Muscatine riverfront for all to enjoy, they said, "No problem, photographing is fine!" ....then cocked their heads, squinted their eyes and looked at me quizzically as if to say, "Who are you and what are you doing?"

I sensed their questions and gave them a business card for this website.

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