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December 03, 2009

So, now that Harbor Branch researchers have successfully developed a way to culture conch pearls, is the current natural conch pearl market doomed?

Conch Pearl with Extreme Flame
Conch Pearl with Flame

Personally, new developments thrill me. Research and invention keep our world refreshed and full of intrigue. I'm glad that someone has figured out how to culture conch pearls. And, just as in the main stream pearl world, where there are both cultured and natural pearls, I think the two conch pearl types will thrive side by side as well.

I have an optimistic outlook. The GIA has assured us that they will be able to test the new cultured conch pearls and be able to distinguish them from naturals. GIA is a service we can trust and I appreciate it.

Natural pearls will always be special and we're seeing a definite rise in their popularity once again.

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Conch Pearls for Sale

Thank you and I hope you has a great holiday season,

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