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6,000 Pearl Baby Bracelets - My True Story
December 05, 2023

Here's a children's book I wrote several years ago about when I gave away 6,000 free cultured pearl baby bracelets.

I started my business with cultured pearls. Now I only sell natural pearls, but this true story might be of interest to you.

Instead of posting the book here, I've added the link to a PDF file. Please click on the link below the photo to read the book. Or copy and paste the URL.

In case you're wondering, I no longer either give these away or sell them.

I hope you enjoy the story of me as a farmer's wife and my farmer husband Mark as we travel across Iowa to buy sheep and discover a big surprise when we get home.

6,000 Pearl Baby Bracelets

I hope you were entertained by reading about my adventure.

By the way, there's still time to buy Christmas gifts for those special people in your life! Free shipping.

We had so much fun at Thanksgiving and all of us were together once again, so of course, we had to take a photo.

Thanks and God bless.
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