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Natural Clam Pearl Necklace Christmas Giveaway
December 21, 2021

Merry Christmas! I'm giving this necklace away for December.

The sterling silver cage is holding a 3.55 carat natural clam pearl at 8 x 8 x 7mm and is hugged by a coral bead and a green stone bead on a sterling chain.

Once again, it's easy to enter. Simply reply to this email and say "Yes, please enter me into the giveaway!"

These pearls are from the Tridacna species of mollusk which are non-nacreous pearls. There was a time when these types of pearls were not even called pearls, but that has changed now. Non-nacreous pearls are very much pearls just like their nacreous cousins.

Hubert Bari (I was happy to meet Hubert some years ago in Dubai) says this about non-nacreous pearls in his book, PEARLS by Hubert Bari & David Lam "Here it is necessary to demolish an idea that is frequently encountered on websites and in books: the claim that only nacreous pearls should be called "pearls", while the others should be regarded as no more than 'concretions'. All the concretions produced by mollusks with shells are pearls, whether they are nacreous or not. They all have the same composition and are formed in the same way. Only the external appearance and the manner in which they react to light are different, which is not enough to justify differentiating one kind from the other in the nomenclature. In fact, the Gemological Institute of America has recently placed a ban on the differentiation between (nacreous)pearls and (non-nacreous) concretions."

Some tridacna pearls exhibit flame patterns that sparkle in the sun or any available light and some are translucent. They also often have extraordinary symmetry making them exceptional choices for rings and matching jewelry ensembles.

Some of the species of Tridacna are Tridacna maxima, T. squamosa, T. crocea, T. gigas, & T. derasa.

Yesterday, I captured an opossum in our chicken house! It was hiding in a 5 gallon bucket which I use for a nesting box. I unconsciously let out a yell, when I saw fur instead of feathers in one of the buckets! But when I saw the long white, rat-like tail, I knew who our intruder was. Fortunately I was holding an empty ice cream pail after I had emptied the food scraps from it, so I put the smaller bucket inside the larger one, trapping our invader inside. Then I brought the buckets and opossum into the house where my husband and son, Sam, were by the fire. (Sam and his family are staying with us while they do some remodeling.) "Help!", I said, "I am a damsel in distress." Thankfully, Sam dispatched the opossum for me. I love having wildlife around, but there are limits.

Search for clam pearls here: Clam Pearls for Sale

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. It's such a nice family time. I always set up this manger scene, remembering my parents who made it. God bless, Kari

Unto us a child was given!

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