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April Winner is.......
May 12, 2022

April's winner is........


Congratulations, Frances! Please reply to this email and give me your address, so I can send your pearl pendant to you.

I have been putting the local "wildlife" to work! Asian Beetles are super annoying, as I'm sure you'll agree, but after seeing an ad for Van Cleef & Arpels which had little mechanical lady bugs crawling past their jewelry, I thought, "Well, I don't have mechanical lady bugs, but there are plenty of Asian Beetles around here!

So I captured one and hoped it would cooperate. It took a few tries. And then I captured another with more spots.

Once, I made the mistake of calling these Asian Beetles, Lady Bugs, but was quickly informed by my friend, Dave, that those were NOT Lady Bugs! So, I try to call them what they really are, even though, except for the color, they are very similar :)

Then I thought, "Hmmmmmm, what about those pesky wasps that like to show up unannounced in my windows? Could they be 'put to work' too?"

Then, there was a little light green moth, that I met on our porch.

I'm gradually adding new pieces - both finished and loose natural pearls - to my website, so please do stop by once and awhile and check them out at

I have also been busy buying young lambs and goats at a nearby auction so they can enjoy our lovely pastures and help us maintain them. I'll try and get some photos. Normally when I'm with the animals I'm too busy to think about taking pictures :)

This morning after I let out the chickens I picked myself a giant bouquet of lilacs. Last night when I shut the chickens up at twilight I was stunned by the amazing fragrance of lilacs as I passed the bush. I had forgotten there were lilacs growing in that spot.

The table runner on the table was a gift from our youngest son, John, and was handwoven in Timor Leste, where he is now stationed.

God bless, Kari
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