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Congratulations to June it you?
July 26, 2022

Congratulations to June winner....


Florence, please reply back with your address so I can send out the tiny quahog pearl in bottle to you!

Thanks to all who entered this contest. I'll post another soon for the few remaining days of July.


I was just thinking of this today and thought I'd ask. When I go out our walkout basement door off of our kitchen, I enter such an enchanting place. It's like a wonderland to me with volunteer peach trees, volunteer chokecherry tree, volunteer apple tree, volunteer wild asters, hibiscus flowers soon to bloom, petunias from my daughter and son-in-law and many birds singing their hearts out for joy. I'm always reminded of God's goodness there, especially when I realize most of it was His doing and not mine at all. It's shady, cool and refreshing.

It makes me think of heaven. Yes, really, it's that special.

God wants us all to know that He cares for us and is watching over us with His loving hand. That gives me great peace of mind.

I also love reading the Bible each morning. One chapter at least and often more. It's my habit to read through the Bible, Genesis to Revelation over and over again, year after year. God's word is a great anchor to me and I'm thankful for it.

I hope you too have peace of mind. It's so important.

God bless and thanks for being a part of


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