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Watch the Suquamish Tribe Harvest Pacific Clams
August 29, 2023

Watch the Suquamish Tribe who lives on the Port Madison Indian Reservation in Washington state, harvest Pacific clams.

Why the interest in clams when my business is natural pearls? Because without clams there would be no natural pearls. Not that natural pearls are the offspring of clams, they're not. Natural pearls are, however, a by-product of clams.

I was interested in seeing this video and learning that there are Pacific Littleneck clams. I thought there were only Atlantic Littleneck clams. There's always something new to learn.

At the end of the video you can see a clam bake on the beach, which is a popular way to celebrate important events.

I love how the clams are reseeded for the future.

Learn more about Leukoma staminea or Pacific littleneck clams here.

I've heard of rare natural pearls from Atlantic Littleneck clams, or quahogs.
Quahog Pearls for Sale

But, have you heard of pearls found in Pacific Littleneck clams? I'm sure there are some and I'd love to hear about them.

Have you harvested Pacific Littleneck clams? Or clams of any type?

Thanks for reading.

God bless,


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