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New Basra Pearl Jewelry Added to DANAT certs
October 24, 2023

I've added some wonderful new Basra pearl jewelry and loose Basra pearls. Each item (except for the blister pearls) has a certificate from DANAT pearl lab in Manama, Bahrain.

I'll show you a few photos. For details and more choices see:

Basra Pearls & Basra Pearl Jewelry

If you were to ask me "What part of your business do you enjoy the most?" I would answer without having to think about it, "The People!"

I loved people even as a toddler. When my parents would pray with me every night, "God bless, Mommy & Daddy & Duane & Diane & Michael. (my siblings)" I would always add, "and me!" Because I sure didn't want to get left out of a blessing :)

Then I'd add, "and everyone else in the whole wide world!" My parents were surprised that I always added that to my prayer on my own initiative. God put it in my heart way back then to love people.

I work with amazing people who partner with me to sell pearls on my site and amazing customers. I don't know what you look like and if I passed you on the street anywhere in the world, I would not recognize you, but that doesn't matter. I feel a connection and love for you all.

Blessings and thanks for reading,


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