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Seeing Faberge Egg with Seed Pearls - Catherine the Great Egg
June 11, 2024

Some weeks ago I visited my new granddaughter and family in Washington DC. What a thrill! A new baby!

One misty morning I borrowed my daughter's umbrella and headed out to the Hillwood Museum. There are "zillions" of museums in Washington DC, so how did I decide to go to Hillwood? A son from Iowa and his daughter had visited it and during their visit, my granddaughter kept telling her dad, "Bestamore would love this place!" So, on her recommendation I visited it.

Hillwood did not disappoint. It's incredible. Hillwood is a cultural treasure founded by Marjorie Merriweather Post, featuring a mansion, a collection of art and decorative objects, and thirteen acres of formal gardens.

What I didn't know was that there are two Faberge Eggs on display and one is decorated with about 500 tiny seed pearls. The Catherine the Great Faberge Egg.

Presented on Easter morning 1914 by Nicholas II to his mother, there are approximately 1,000 diamonds also on the exterior of the egg.

The surprise within was a mechanical sedan chair with Catherine the Great sitting inside. That artistic delight is no longer with the egg.

There are two Faberge Eggs at Hillwood. The other one is Faberge Twelve Monogram Egg.

Before leaving Hillwood I had a delightful lunch at the restaurant.

I've maneuvered quite a few metros in my life but I admit I got a little confused at L'Enfant station because of the many exits. Finally I figured it out.

Since I was close to the Spy Museum I checked about going in but it was booked for the day. So, that one will be for another visit.

Read more details about Catherine the Great Faberge Egg and the surprise that was inside here.

Have you ever viewed Faberge eggs in person? I'd love to hear your story.

God bless and thank you for being a part of KariPearls.


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