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Triangle Conch Pearls
January 31, 2024

Conch pearls come in a variety of shapes and one of the fairly common shapes is, believe it or not - Triangle!

Over the years I have seen quite a few natural pearls of all types but the conch pearl is the only one that repeatedly shows up as a triangle.

I have these on hand with me. These are from tiny to 9 carats.

Triangle Conch Pearls

Ever since I took Solid Geometry in high school, I've been fascinated with shapes. I went to a very small high school in Minnesota and for the higher math like Trigonometry & Solid Geometry the junior & senior classes were combined. I was the only girl who took the class. My best friend was planning on taking it too and came the first day. After class she said, "Kari, I'm out of here!" I loved learning all those things.

I have sold other triangle conch pearls and have an 11 carat triangle listed for sale on my site: Triangle Conch Pearl for Sale

I'd enjoy seeing a strand of triangle conch pearls someday.

I assume the triangle shape is possible because of being formed in a snail with a conical structure.

Why do you think that triangle shapes show up quite often in conch pearls?

On a personal note, I have a new baby granddaughter - Ingrid. She's adorable. It's lovely having a second granddaughter.

God bless and thank you for being a part of KariPearls.


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