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Keshi Pearl Debate
June 01, 2100

So, what exactly are keshi pearls and what is the debate?

I'll be quoting from Elisabeth Strack's book, Pearls. Please investigate her comprehensive book for further information and details.

The word, keshi, is used in the Japanese language for describing something very small.

Since about 1980, the word keshi has been used exclusively for unplanned pearls which had formed accidentally in molluscs which were used for the production of cultured pearls with a nucleus.

The debate is this: Some folks think keshi pearls should be classified as "natural pearls" and some folks think they should be classified as "cultured pearls".

I know folks who have very strong opinions on both sides of these ideas.

So, instead of shying away from this issue, I wanted to bring it up in a brief way in my newsletter.

I've begun to notice a tendency of jewelry companies to allude to keshi pearls in ways that

Thanks for reading.

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Kari God bless,


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