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Just for Fun - Vikings Plunder Pearls!
July 31, 2018

Just for fun.

This is meant to bring a smile to your face.

Both of my grandfathers immigrated from Norway to Minnesota when they were young men. In fact, all my ancestors came from Norway and Sweden, so I think I can poke a little fun at the Vikings!

The Journey Begins

Lena and Ingeborg watch as their brothers, Ole, Knute, Lars & Einar, set sail from Isfjorden for their annual pillaging and plundering.

They Return with the Loot

Nine months later, Ole, Knute, Lars & Einar, return from gathering treasures!

Showing Off

Beaming with pride, Ole, Knute, Lars & Einar, show off their bounty - two perfect pearls, a conch pearl from the Caribbean and a clam pearl from Indonesia, to Ingebord & Lena. They hope they have made the women folk happy!

But, what to do with such bounty from far off lands? How can their whole community benefit and enjoy such marvelous plunder?

The Decision

Why, what could be better than mounting the natural pearls on monuments in the village center?

And so it was decided!

The clam pearl would be set on a crystal clear glass mount.

The Monuments

And the conch pearl would be set high upon a slender sterling silver shaft.

After all, the crystal glass mount & sterling silver shaft were from previous pillaging adventures and they didn't know what to do with those either!

The End

Thank you for enjoying a bit of humor with me.

I appreciate you reading my newsletter!

God bless,


PS. I've just added lots and lots of new clam pearl choices to my website.

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