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Pearls of Wisdom, Issue #003--2-for-1-website
December 30, 2004

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thank you for signing up.

I've been having a blast working on my website:

I've just received word that SBI...the program I use to build my website is extending their 2-for-1 website sale until January 5.

This is pretty exciting, especially since our family is going to start at least one more website...and we weren't quite ready to buy last week, but we are now.

I've just received my first check from Google...yes, the Google many use for web searches. They're actually PAYING ME for the advertising on my site.

My first check was nice, but the next one will be over twice as big. My family is beginning to see that my hard work making my site is paying off with passive income from Google ads.

I'm telling you this, because I think many of you could also benefit from this "STAY AT HOME, STILL BE WITH YOUR CHILDREN KIND OF INCOME."

Even though I'm just as busy as any executive with my business....I'M AT HOME...WITH MY FAMILY...and that's important to me.

With this website program any hobby or passion can be turned into an income generating website...without even selling anything.

People today are looking for information, information, information.

And you maybe could provide that for them, with your giving them info about your passion or hobby.

After I had about 20 pages or so on my site about pearls I applied to Google adsense and they immediatly accepted me and let me put ads on my site.

When people click on those ads...I get paid. Those clicks provide other pearl companies with targeted traffic and they're willing to pay for that click.

Sure, those other companies are my competitors, but really, I'm not too threatened by them, because my prices are very competitive and low, really. I eliminate several middlemen, making my prices attractive and affordable.

I'm even considering offering lower wholesale prices for those who order in groups of 10 of certain items...but that's another topic.

I'd love to talk with you about building a website if you're at all interested. It's not hard...easy and even fun. SBI has made it super understandable and provides you will all the tools necessary to build a successful online business.

The cost is $400 for 2 websites. I know that $400 is a lot of money, at least to me it is, but believe me, with a little hard work, patience and willingness to learn, it will be multiplied back to you many times over.

Maybe you and a friend or family member could go together and each start a site. I'm willing to walk you through the process and help you in any way I can until you also see success.

9 months after starting my site, success is starting to show. And that's pretty exciting.

I'd love to see that happen for you too.

Please give me a toll-free phone call if you want to talk with me in person about this and ask questions. 1-866-884-7815

Or you can e-mail me at:

I know lots of you are STAY-AT-HOME-MOMS and my hat is off to's the best place to be. Others of you need to work outside the home, but your heart is at home...I understand.

This is an opportunity to bring income into your home. It's hard work and takes time, but it's possible....I'm seeing the fruit of my labors now...and it's really exciting.

I hope that for you as well.

To check out SBI, you can click here. SITE BUILD IT

For those of you who ordered free baby bracelets. Thank you for your patience. We are working on this...they are coming!

(I have a new appreciation for the number 1,000 now!...and especially the number 6,000!)

Thanks for visiting my site.

A bit of wisdom: If you want tomorrow to be different than today...start making changes today.

I'm hoping to hear from some of you.

Happy New Year. God is good. Kari

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