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Pearls of Wisdom, Issue #004-Free-Valentine-Card
January 17, 2005

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thank you for signing up.

I've been having a blast working on my website:

I've added a free downloadable Valentine Card on my site for you...last bullet on the left-hand side.

It was made from the first pearls I sold and a scrap from my living room drapes. As an earlier promotional it was nice, but I also knew it would be a great card.

Thanks to the instructions from Norwegian fellow...I finally figured out how to make downloadable files. There's no stopping me now...I have lots of ideas.

Of course, if your husband is looking for ideas for Valentine gifts...we also have some lovely pearl is nice for Valentine's Day I think.

A page for stories, poems, and jokes has also been added. Let me know if you have a touching or funny story you'd like me to consider adding to that page. Lot's of people have stories to tell about their pearls.

That page is also near the bottom of the bullets on the left-hand side.

Although the photo isn't very clear we now have nice drop pearl necklaces on sterling silver or gold over silver. A great way to start with pearls.

Again, on lower part of left-hand bullets. (One of these days I'll get all these bullets more organized.)

Did you know that divers find black pearls in the Mississippi River? I'd never heard of freshwater producing black pearls before, but personally talked with a diver and he said that's what he usually found.

Local history interests me very much and soon hope to have photos of my collection of jewelry made out of vintage pearl buttons which were crafted here in Muscatine, years ago.

For those of you who ordered free baby bracelets. Thank you for your patience. We are working on this...they are coming!

Thanks for visiting my site.

A bit of wisdom: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

(I could write a book about his verse.)

Happy Valentine's Day,


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