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Pearls of Wisdom, Issue #002--Story of free baby bracelets.
December 20, 2004

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thank you for signing up.

I've been having a blast working on my website:

A few weeks ago, Mark, my husband, and I got in his trusty-rusty pickup and drove about 2 hours away to another part of Iowa to pick up 10 sheep. Time alone for the two of us can be it was a valuable time of sharing together.

On the return trip I was struck by both the beauty and the needs of rural Iowa. Farms sprinkled the countryside like chocolate chips in a cookie. Most farm sites were painted, kept up, and obviously prospering. Others were falling to disrepair and neglect.

Something started tugging on my heart that day.

I've always had a heart to "bless the world" and have visited 26 countries...hopefully being a blessing to them.

But today, Iowa and America pulled my heart strings.

An urge to "Bless America" grew very strong within me and I prayed, "Oh, Lord, I want to bless America. Show me how."

Because we left early, I hadn't checked my email before we left. It's rare for me to not check it early.

First thing after taking off my coat, I logged into my SBI e-mail.


I thought it was a joke, a mistake, a quirk in the system. 6-10 emails a day is normal for me...but thousands...made me wonder who was spamming me big time.

After doing some checking I realized they were all from unique internet addresses and had all ordered free baby bracelets! And I wasn't even charging shipping and handling!

The orders were coming in fast...3/minute for over 24 hours.

We realized that I needed to add a small S&H fee quick to help cover this tremendous cost facing I added a fee, but not before thousands of orders had come in.

It took me a few days as I was addressing envelopes to realize that God had answered my prayer, even before I prayed it.

This is my opportunity to "Bless someone in every state in America and every provence in Canada as well".

So now, as I address the envelopes, I pray, for each person who receives these to be blessed and for the little wrist who wears these bracelets to be blessed.

We only had 200 bracelets on hand...never did we dream of such a response...2/week was the norm.

More bracelets are back-ordered and it will take us still some time to catch up with all these please be patient and thank you to those who ordered.

When people click on the google ads on my site,, I get paid and this income helps us pay for these free gifts.

Also, I want to encourage any of you who have ever thought of owning a website to check out the 2-for-1 offer on my homepage and on other pages. The offer is only until midnight Dec. hurry if you're interested.

Get 2 websites for only $400! This includes all the tools necessary to build a successful website. This is an unheard of price!...super cheap and super good. (When I was looking for a website program, I was quoted thousands of dollars for a few pages.)

Team up with a friend and each get a site, or save one and start it 9 months from now.

Anyone can make money with a theme-based website. Turn your passion or hobby into an information site. People are looking for information.

Then get accepted by google-adsense and put ads on the pages. When people click on them, you get paid. This is a great way to make money at home and still be with your small children.

All the time spent surfing the web could be invested into building your own website. And believe me, if I can build a site, so can almost anyone. I'm by no means a computer techie.

I urge you to give this a good look-into.

The real value for an SBI tool package and website building program is more like $10,000. These guys are just as crazy as I am...selling these sites so cheap.

Please e-mail me if you have questions:

E-mail me here

My bit of wisdom is: "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you."

Just don't give up...keep asking, seeking, knocking...great things can happen.

God bless you all and thanks for signing up to my e-zine.

Merry Christmas!


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