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Pearl Factory Visit
December 16, 2008

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Four of our children have recently "spread their wings". Samuel and Matthew have both joined the US Marine Corps and are in basic training in San Diego, California. (They are loving it!) John has moved to the University of Iowa at Iowa City. (He will be home for a month of vacation soon..yippee!) Sarah is home after working for six weeks on a cousin's farm in Norway.

And I want to tell you about my visit to a Chinese pearl factory. Imagine a floor covered with pearls!

Pearl Factory Closeup Drying

Pearl factories are busy places where all sorts of steps take place in getting pearls ready for the jewelry market. Here they are cleaned, sorted by size, dryed, bleached, drilled, sorted by quality, and finally strung on temporary strings for selling to jewelry makers.

Workers sort pearls incredibly fast. Everyone has a job to do and they work together as a team getting the final product ready for market.

I really enjoyed seeing sacks and sacks of undrilled pearls. That was a treat for me...seeing them just one step closer to their natural state.

See more detailed photos here.

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