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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0015
April 03, 2006

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thank you for signing up.

I'm having a blast working on my website:

This e-zine is for those of you near and those of you far.

As some of you know...I sell pearls and I also sell websites. I'm allowed to run a fantastic sale on these websites once a year.

From Tuesday, April 4 - Thursday, April 13, midnight, you can buy 1 website and get 1 free website.

That's 2 websites for only $299!

This is almost unbelievable.

If you've ever wanted to make more income or work from your home...this is an answer.

These website packages are easy enough even for me to do. Before I started building mine, I could email and copy and paste...that's about it. I had to ask my 12 year old for help with other things...but I learned quickly with SBI's (Site Build It!) tutorials.

I used it to build and I've heard from several of you how much you enjoy my informative site...Thanks.

These comments of praise really encourage me to keep finding great information, make new jewelry designs and take more creative photos of my pearls.

You can take any topic of your interest...something you love to do or tell people about and make a profitable website from it.

If the value of SBI's tools and features were added up, it would equal more than $5,000! It still amazes me that they sell them for only $299. I think it's a miracle that I accidently discovered this great website program for me to use.

I have over 150 pages on my website. Other prices I found were for $2,000 for only 5 pages and that didn't include anything expensive 5 pages would have just "sat there."

SBI automatically submits your pages to the search engines and teaches you how to optimize your pages for high rankings too. About 100 of my keywords get a number 1-10 page rank on at least one search engine. This means when someone searches for that keyword, my site is on the first page of results....that's what you want for a successful website business.

I'll give you two examples. You can try this for yourself and see what I mean. Try a search on Yahoo, Google or MSN for either of these: Peach pearls, How to knot for pearls...and you should find me at the top or at least on the first page.

This website program has done so much for me.

And now you can buy one website for yourself and give one to a friend or a teenager son or daughter. Even share the cost, which is only about $150 for each site. The second free site needs to be started 6 months after purchase.

This last year I've made thousands of dollars just from ads for other pearl companies, plus I've sold lots of my own pearls.

This is really the "way to go," It simply can't be beat! Feel free to give it a 30 day risk-free trial here. I put my personal guarantee on it.

You can contact me through my website if you have questions.

Once again the sale is Tuesday,April 4 -- Thursday,midnight April 13.


I'm speaking at a local business meeting on Tuesday evening on April 4 at the Muscatine Community College, in the Larson Hall conference room. I'll be sharing how to build successful websites and also displaying my pearls. Please come if you're near enough. I'd love to see you.

On Wednesday night, April 5, I'm available at the MCC library Virtual Computer Room (left of main desk) and will show an SBI Power Point Presentation, for those who want more informtion or can't make it on Tuesday night.

"This is the day that the Lord has made...let's rejoice and be glad in it!"

God bless,


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