USA Quirky Natural Pearl Nugget Pendant 30 carats

USA Quirky Natural Pearl Nugget Pendant 30 carats

USA Quirky Natural Pearl Nugget Pendant 30 carats

Type of pearl: Natural USA Natural Pearl

Carat Weight: 30.8 carats

Shape: Block

Size: 18.5 x 16 x 14mm

Color: Metallic, Brown, Black

Location of Origin: USA

Unique Features: Really quirky block shaped pearl wrapped in wire. I call it "The Gift". Full of metallic luster on one side. Sure to start conversations and bring ooohhs and aaahhs from your friends. Sterling silver chain included.

Price: $1,540

The Gift

The year was 1972 when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall still stood strong dividing Berlin into two parts.

The place was East Berlin and Aaron Popovitch was readying himself for his journey to West Berlin.

Aaron Popovitch had watched the Iron Curtain stretch its claws higher and higher until he was trapped inside the clutches of the Berlin Wall but now he was an old man and Soviet societies have little use for old men, so they let them come and go, because the always come back anyway. It's their home. They will die at home.

But this short, short, story is not about his departure but about his return.

Aaron's niece in West Berlin always supplied him amply with Bibles to smuggle back home to East Berlin.

This time she gave him ten wonderful unused but very old Bibles with gold leaf edgings. She'd found them in an second hand book store at the bottom of a dusty pile of old books and promptly purchased them all.

Aaron had done this many times before. He was an old man and old men think of risk in a different way then young men.

Aaron stacked the books and carefully wrapped them with old stained cloth tying it in such a way as to make a handle with the cloth and he sauntered off back home.

At the border the Soviet police asked Aaron, "So, what do you bring back today, old man?"

Aaron replied, "I bring wisdom that can solve all the problems of the universe."

"Sure, sure, sure, you do, old man." replied the police with a chuckled and moved him through.

And so, in ragged, stained, packages often there is treasure beyond words and that's what this ugly, square, natural pearl that I have named, "The Gift", reminds me of.

God bless you in your endeavors to search for wisdom that can solve all the problems of the universe!

by Kari Anderson

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