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Abalone, Quahog & Strand of Natural Pearls Karipearls Ezine
March 05, 2011

I thought you'd enjoy hearing about the following items on my site:, a growing resource for natural pearls.

Double Natural Abalone Pearl Pendant

I've added a stunning new abalone pearl pendant for sale on my site. It actually has two abalone pearls in 10K yellow gold.

Double natural abalone pearl pendant
Double Natural Abalone Pearl Pendant

Pearl Size: Large Pearl 46mm, Small Pearl 9mm

Color: Iridescent blue, green, silver

Origin: New Zealand

Metal: 10K Gold

Read more about this pendant here.

Quahog Pearl Ring - Reduced Price

This gorgeous natural quahog pearl ring has been drastically reduced in price.

10mm Purple Star Quahog Pearl Ring
10mm Purple Quahog Pearl Ring

Color: Purple

Shape: Button

Size: 10mm

Metal: 14K White Gold

Read more about this quahog pearl ring here.

Graduated Natural Pearl Strand

There is nothing quite like a graduated necklace strand of natural pearls!

Natural Pearl Necklace Strand
Graduated Strand of Natural Pearls

This has been certified in the Bahrain pearl lab.

Color: White to light cream

Shape: Semi-baroque & Baroque

Weight: 28.71 carats total

Size: Largest pearl is 6.8 x 3.9mm

More about this lovely strand of natural pearls.

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