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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0019
August 11, 2006

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

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I'm having a blast working on my website:

Two of my children, John, Sarah and I recently took an "All American Road Trip," to Tennessee and Alabama. Yes....adventure after adventure.

We met Eric, a good Samaritan, who fixed our car which collapsed on the interstate, (Thanks, Eric...WOW!), people who needed our help, old friends, new friends, enjoyed camping in mosquito free parks, loved the southern drawls, and especially were excited to visit a Freshwater Pearl Farm in Tennessee. Check out this "All American Gem" of a place.

(Links here open up new pages.)

Wondering how to find the replacement value of your Mikimoto pearls? Find valuable information on this page.

When Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, what was one of his top priorities? Yup, you guessed it...Pearls! And the Americas did not disappoint him. Columbus Pearls...a super article.

Enjoy these photos I took of Tiffany Co. Store windows in Nagoya, Japan.

Nano technology puts the "pow" in powder and is highlighted on this page about Chinese Pearl Powder.

Ever "cast your pearls"?...Be encouraged and refreshed by this Casting Pearls Devotional by Vicki Olson.

Want to understand the pearl nucleating process and what cultured means? You'll LOVE this amazing pearl nucleating video and explanation.

Enjoy these last days of summer now...maybe you could sqeeze in a little road trip before the kids are off to school or busy home school time starts.

Looking for home business ideas? Contact's the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and He adds no sorrow to it.

God's blessings,


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