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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0023
December 20, 2006

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thanks for signing up.

I'm having a blast working on my website: It's even making a morning person out of me as I often get up in the wee hours of the morning to work on it.

There's an east window by our computer and I've seen more Iowa sunrises (gorgeous, by the way) the last two years than ever before!

Great new inovations have been added...with more to come.

I'm very pleased to say that now you can find Mikimoto pearls for sale...right on via Ebay auctions.

You'd be surprised at how many fine Mikimoto pearl items are sold on Ebay. Often these go for bargin prices too.

Bookmark this page for easy access to current updated Mikimoto Pearls for Sale.

Enjoy my visit to Tiffany & Co. on upper class Bond Street in London with scads of photos of the window displays and a new diamond necklace with a whopper of a diamond.

Ummmm...don't forget to check out the bottom does meet very influencial people on Bond Street!

Tiffany & Co. Bond Street, London, England

I love vintage and antique pearl was thrilled to see and photograph this pearl pendant which once belonged to Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian Ballerina.

Also on that page read about a pearl necklace I tried on near Bond Street that cost more than our whole sheep farm.

Did you know that Audrey Hepburn's little black dress from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" sold for TONS of money?

Read about it and see the pearl necklace Audrey wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Want to send out some Christmas ECards? It's the perfect time for I've made up several of my unique winter pearl photographs into convenient ECards for your Christmas present to you!

The ECard photos taken around our sheep farm have been digitally altered to look like watercolor paintings.'s the VERY BEST addition!

Feeling strapped for last minute gifts....but don't dare order for fear they won't arrive on time? I know the feeling.

The perfect solution is here!

I've teamed up with PayPal to offer you KariPearls Gift Certificates which never expire.

Gift Certificates can either be emailed to the recipient or printed out and hand delivered.

Your loved one can browse my site at their convenience and pick out the pearls they really want. I've even been known to make up custom requests....ummm....pretty nifty idea!

So....Merry CHRISTmas to you all.

I love hearing from you and "getting to know" so many of you...your friendships are my best Christmas gifts!

God bless you as you celebrate the birth of Jesus,


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