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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0020
September 13, 2006

Welcome to my "Pearls of Wisdom" e-zine.

Thanks for signing up.

I'm having a blast working on my website:

I've made a brilliant discovery....Videos!

Seeing things happen...there's nothing quite like it.

Do you enjoy wearing leather clothing? Pearls are the perfect accessory.

Ever wonder how natural pearls "happen"? Birth of a natural pearl.

Like harpsicord music and learning about historic natural pearls. Pearls of Kings and Queens.

Find out what happens to Japanese Akoya pearls at Kobe, Japan.

And my favorite video....Animated Lego Pirates! Our family is pretty "crazy" about legos. You'll LOVE this version of the Curse of the Black Pearl.

My growing list of videos deserves its own pearl video index.

Need some ideas for giving a pearl necklace? Here are 10 non-traditional ways to give pearls...and a story.

Find out about the furniture Mikimoto lived with....traditional Japanese Tansu.

And who would have ever dreamed that this fabulous 2,000 year old pearl necklace would be found in an American Indian mound near my home here in Iowa.

Stay tuned at Kari Pearls Blog for more great content about the world's most amazing gem...pearls.

I leave this afternoon for the great U.K. My girls helped me pack...and even presented me with a snazzy new suitcase! Wow....I'm a blessed mother.

This week I read an article about Craig from Craigslist...the popular website. He bases his business on the Golden Rule. Pretty nifty, I think: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

God bless,


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