A snazzy accessory for leather clothing....pearls!

Accessory for leather -- try pearls!

Love leather clothing? Not sure what to use as an accessory to leather?

Try Pearls!

Be inspired to wear pearls, even with your leather clothing. Pearls add the feminine touch you're looking for and complete the look for those leather outfits you love.

I've wanted some leather clothing for some time now...I keep thinking...when I lose those 10 pounds...then the leather. Well, you know how that goes? Or maybe you're like my husband who can't seem to gain a pound no matter how hard he tries.

Leather rocks...natural, lovely, rich and warm. Honestly, I'd be happy with a whole closet full of it. I do wear a leather jacket and now have a gorgeous leather skirt...love the stuff.

Leather clothing reminds me of the garments God gave Adam and Eve to wear in the Garden of Eden...designer fashions by the great designer Himself.

Interested in tanned Iowa sheepskins for rugs, strollers, etc? Our family raises sheep and has the sheepskins tanned. Contact me here for further details or photos.

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