Pearl Restaurant...a snazzy place to dine in London.

The Pearl Restaurant is close to London attractions.

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Kari and Pearl Manager, Russell Cocks

While recently roaming around London, I walked by the "Pearl Restaurant"...of course, I had to visit.

I never really know how to approach places like this. I wonder if anyone will take me seriously realizing how important "All Things Pearl" are to me and my website, or even give me the time of day.

At the Pearl I tried this approach. I went in and said, "Hi, I have a huge website concerning everything about I am!" Then I waited for a response.

I got a blank stare with raised eyebrows, as if to say, "So?"

As I pondered my next statement, a tall man popped out from somewhere behind the counter and said enthusiastically, "Hello, I'm Russell Cocks, the Manager. So glad you stopped by. Would you like to dine with us?"
Wow...someone here knew the power of "free website word of mouth advertising". (Hey, I think I'll coin that acronym...FWWOMA)

Yes, Russell Cocks understands good public relations.

I informed him that as much as I'd love to eat at his restaurant, I was here for information purposes. I gladly accepted his invitation to show me around and explain the history of the building.

Following the theme of "pearl" strands of artificial pearls hung in groups and the chandeliers were draped with them. Tables were given extra lighting through a circle representing a large pearl in the center of the tops.

The Edwardian building, on the historic book of registers, abounds with expensive, rare marble, and gets its name from the former Pearl Assurance (a British term for some types of insurance) Company which occupied the building.
Russell's farewell comment to me was, "Tell the world about us!"

History of Pearl Restaurant

Here are the official stats on the buildings history.

The hotel opened in 2000 and occupied an imposing Edwardian building. This was formerly the Pearl assurance building which was built in 1912 and designed by H. Percy Monckton.

The Cheng family, based in Hong Kong, have ensured the sympathetic regeneration of the building they own. With its central carriage way entrance and dome, lavish interiors featuring seven different types of marble, all but two originated from sources which are now entirely worked out.

One of the most beautiful and distinctive of these marbles, Swedish green, was used as paneling and columns in the East banking hall. This marble is now so rare that a meter cube costs 30 pounds.

A fine marble known as Statuary which was used both as flooring and paneling has been unavailable for thirty-five years. Given the rarity of these marbles, the initial strategy had been to salvage as much as possible from the non-listed parts of the hotel to repair the damage in the listed areas.
The grand staircase forms a bridge at the first floor level, then rise up through the floors under an elliptical dome, the center piece of the elevation.

Looking upwards the impressive arcades of the Pavanazzo marble frame a view of the Cupola which is faceted with many small openings that bathe the staircase with light.

Pearl is located in what was once the East banking hall, the entire interior is listed.

The grand staircase, recognized as the finest of its kind in England, features the most extravagant use of marble in the building. The panels of Algae Marina, with their striking symmetrical patterns of veining are a notable feature. Book-matched panels are created by splitting a single marble panel first in one director: if one piece breaks, the entire effect is ruined and work has to begin again. Below the deep red Rosso Levanto Clasico moulding is a panel of dark green Verde Tino.

At the same time, the ceiling of the Pearl Restaurant is listed, which meant that only the eight existing suspension points could be used for lighting. To provide supplementary illumination, stainless steel and frosted glass up lights have been attached to the screens; their art deco shape echoing the style of the faux alabaster bowl fittings throughout the hotel were specially commissioned from lighting designer Berners and are a suitable scale theatrically to complement the grandeur of the original Edwardian building. The faux alabaster dish lights, found in the bar area of the restaurant are matched by pendant fittings in the real alabaster in the corridors. The magnificent mahogany door case at the courtyard entrance to the bar is a prominent feature of the listed exterior.

Management of the Pearl Restaurant

Ms. Theresa Way: General Manager
Mr. Frederic Billet: Food and Beverage Director
Mr. Russell Cocks: Restaurant Manager
Mr. Michael Davis: Head Sommelier
Mr. Jun Tanaka: Head Chef

General Information about Pearl Restaurant

Address:London, WCIV 7EN
Phone: 0207-829-7000
Fax: 0207-829-9889

Nearest Tube Station to Pearl Restaurant: Holborn Station on the Central and Piccadilly line. Take the high Holborn exit which is situated on the right hand side as you arrive on the top of the escalator. Turn right and it is about 250 yards on the same side of the road as the exit. The hotel is called Renaissance London Chancery Court Hotel.

Opening Hours

Breakfast is served between 6:30-10:30am Monday-Friday and 7:00-Noon on weekends.
Lunch is available between 12:00-14:30pm Monday-Friday and closed on weekends.
Pre-theater dinner is available between 6:00-7:00pm Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays.

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