Pearl Visions Digital Watercolors of Unique Pearl Photographs/Images

Pearl Visions Winter Collection 2005

Pink Pearls in a Lump

Each photo in this pearl visions collection has been digitally altered to appear like a watercolor painting. What have these photo-editing tools right at our fingertips. For these enhancements I used Ulead Photo Express.

Expensive cameras aren't necessary. For outdoor photos I love using our super cheap Medion small I stick it in my pocket for my pasture walks (we own a sheep farm) and snap away.

I'm not sure which I enjoy more--wearing pearls or taking photos of them. These fantastic gems glisten with quality and good taste, build self-esteem, make one feel beautiful and rich...success oozes from them.

You may also enjoy seeing my unique images on these pages dedicated to photos. If you like one-of-a-kind images, they are sprinkled throughout this entire website.

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Need some photographing tips?

Falling Pearls

Gated Pearls

The Oak Will Wear Pearls Too

A Blessed Be-Pearled Fence

Baby Bracelets by the Pound

Treasures in the Snow

Pearls on Ice

Camouflaged Pearls

Spout of Pearls

Stump Necklace

Doorway Pearls

The Gift

Included in the Pearl Circle

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Pearl photos

Pearl photos

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Royal Purple Pearls from USA  Not rated yet
These 10 and 14 carat pearls are from the freshwater rivers in the USA. The color is extraordinary and vibrant. Nothing surpasses the richness of these …

4 Clam Pearls - 46 carats total Not rated yet
Type of pearl:4 clam pearls *Carat Weight: 46 ct *Shape: baroque *Size in mm: 9 - 15 mm *Color: white Location of Origin: Indonesia …

65 carat Clam Pearl Not rated yet
Type of pearl: clam pearl *Carat Weight: 65 ct *Shape: baroque *Size in mm: 32 X 30 X 13 mm *Color: white/grey Location of Origin: …

9 carat Clam Pearl Not rated yet
Type of pearl: clam pearl *Carat Weight: 9.6 ct *Shape: baroque *Size in mm: 13x10x9 mm *Color: white with flame Location of …

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