Conch Pearl -- Sold!

Photos of a conch pearl and conch shell...these brilliant colorful most often pink colored pearls occur naturally in conch shells.

Conch Pearl
Strombus gigas Pearl photo by Kari

Among univalves, the most prominent pearl-producer is probably the common conch or great conch (Strombus gigas) of the West Indies and the Florida coast, which secretes beautiful pink pearls of considerable value.

Conch Pearl
Pink Pearl photo by Kari

The conch abounds in the waters of the West Indies, especially in the Bahamas, where many thousands are annually taken for the shell, which forms quite an article of commerce.

This is one of the largest of the univalve shells, some individuals measuring twelve inches in length, and weighing five or six pounds.

Conch Pearl
Pink Pearl photo by Kari

The graceful curves and the delicate tints of lovely pink color make it exceedingly attractive.

Conch Pearl
Pink Pearl photo by Kari

The flesh is esteemed as food and is also used for bait: and it is particularly in preparing for these purposes that the pearls are found, as no established fisheries exist for the pearls alone.

Pink Pearl
Natural Pink Pearl photo by Kari

Those who gather these shells have been called, "Conchs".

Pink Pearl
Pink Pearl photo by Kari

The animal is readily removed from the shell after crushing the tip end of the spire where the large muscle is attached.

Conch Pearl
Pink Pearl photo by Kari

Conchs with brilliant flame patterns are more valuable than others.

Conch Pearl
Natural Pink Pearl photo by Kari

A large demand exists for the beautiful shells for ornamenting flower-beds, garden-walks, etc.

Conch Pearl
Pearl Baby Bracelet and Pink Pearl photo by Kari

Maybe you would be interested in a price comparison here. I sell these cultured freshwater pearl baby bracelets for $2.00 and I sold this natural conch pearl for $434.50.

Formerly several hundred thousand shells were exported annually to England for use in porcelain manufacture.

Conch Pearl
My Grandmother's Wedding Ring & Pearl photo by Kari

A friend of mine recently purchased this conch pearl from me for her student's collection.

Conch Pearl
Scallop, Mississippi River freshwater, blue mussel, quahog, Persian gulf & Conch photo by Kari

Here is a variety of pearls along with the conch gem. Clockwise from conch is scallop, natural Mississippi River freshwater, blue mussel, quahog, and natural Persian Gulf pearl.

Conch Pearl
Freshwater Keshi, Tahitian, South Sea and Conch photo by Kari

Another collection of pearls with the conch including a large freshwater keshi, cultured Tahitian and cultured South Sea pearl.

Conch Pearls for Sale

Buy conch pearls here.

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