Do You Have A Button Story To Share?

Share your pearl button story! Making buttons is a unique part of USA history. Many states took part in the process. Here's a place to share your family's story.

Pearl button stories abound in our city, Muscatine, Iowa, "Former Pearl Button Capital of the World"....and here's a place where you can share them with the world.

Becky Haden Muscatine Pearl Works
Becky Haden Muscatine Pearl Works
Photo used by permission

I invite you to share your experiences with us about your work with Muscatine buttons. It all may seem mundane and maybe even uninteresting to you....but it is fascinating to those of us who weren't there.

We want to know all the nitty gritty details...the good, the bad, the happy, the's all a part of our city's rich history and you'll make us all richer by sharing.

Oh, and don't forget to add a photo. If you have lots of photos and want to share them all, contact me here and we can make arrangements.


Have You Had An Experience With Muscatine Buttons?

You are invited to share your experiences working with Muscatine buttons, whether it was in a factory, gathering shells or just watching. We love hearing your stories about the local button industry....and all the details. Please tell your story and share a photo.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Making Pearl Nuclei from Memphis Button Factory Shells 
When I was growing up in Brownsville Tennessee, my father had many businesses simultaneously running. His main business was McDow Feed and Seed Company, …

Mussel Bound in Indiana 
By 1915, the high-quality mussel shells of the East Fork of White River (Indiana) became known to the Muscatine, Iowa button manufacturers. They began …

The B. Schwanda and Son Ocean Pearl Button Factory 
A couple months ago my father and I came across some old conch shells,and abalone shells in my grandmother's attic. The shells have drill holes and marks …

Grandpa Emil Bilof Cut Buttons in Muscatine 
Hi Kari, My grandpa Emil Bilof cut buttons in Muscatine. Here is a photo of him beside several button factory workers in front of a pile of cut shells. …

A Sift Through the Remnants of Iowa’s Forgotten Pearl Button Fashion Scene Not rated yet
For decades, the Mississippi River town of Muscatine was the pearl-button capital of the world. Clusters of clam shells lie on the banks of the Mississippi …

Muscatine Pearl Button History in New Book Not rated yet
Muscatine Pearl Button History in New Book The local button industry was started in 1891 by an enterprising German immigrant, John Fredrick Boepple, …

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Now, maybe you have a Muscatine pearl story to share too after your pearl button stories.

Read Becky's buttons stories about the photo above.

Learn about pearl buttons from Muscatine, Iowa.

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