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From time to time folks desire to leave a testimony about their experience (buying, selling or getting help in general) with KariPearls.com.

Here is a place for that.

I very much appreciate all honest comments as I am constantly trying my best to improve my service to sellers, buyers and others who have questions about pearls.

I love developing this business which allows people to both sell and buy natural pearls online and consider both the sellers and buyers to be my personal friends.

Thanks and God bless!

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Difficult to express 
It has arrived! I have difficulty expressing my feelings in words, opening the beautiful package & the seashell was magic in itself. The pearl is fabulous, …

More than happy  
Am pleased with my recent purchase of Basra pearls earrings. They are different, set apart from the commercial ones out there. Unique and authentic and …

Conch pearl pendant 
It arrived today, in a beautiful little jewelery bag and even with an unexpected surprise on the side! Excellent custormer service, as I had this pendant …

Lovely Pearl 
I am so happy with the pearl and chain I received. It is perfect-just as shown in the picture. The personalized customer service is so rare now! Thank …

Wonderful natural pearl necklace 
The necklace is lovely. I feel very fortunate to have it. Thank you Kari! I will be back for more... Best, Barara

Basra Beauty 
I recently purchased a bracelet from Kari. It's a lovely addition to my collection of pearls. Kari answered my questions & the shipping was fast. I now …

Natural pearl bracelet 
Dear Kari, The pearl bracelet for my mother arrived yesterday. Beautiful saltwater natural pearls! Thank you so much. God bless you. Reno Hrascan …

Hi Kari! This is the second time I purchased a pearl to you and I'm very, very pleased .The first one is a basra pearl this one a conch pearl: both …

Oval Persian Gulf Pearl  
Dear Kari, I recived the pearl today, very fast!! Wonderful certified natural pearl, it's so beautiful!! I appreciated you professionally and your …

35" antique pearl strand 
I purchased an exquisite rare 35" antique natural saltwater pearl strand from Kari. I collect antique natural pearl jewelry and have been pleased doing …

sold my pearl 
Kari handled the sale of my pearl in quick fashion. Her expertise and assistance in negotiating a fair price, plus her honesty and integrity in handling …

The pearl is awesome!  Not rated yet
The pearl is awesome! It’s even better in person. My wife loves it. Thank you so much! I wish we could afford another lol! Have a Happy Holiday …

Absolutely beautiful Not rated yet
Hi Kari, The pearl has arrived, it is absolutely beautiful! I am very happy and will of course buy again from you! A

Mum's Mikimoto Choker c1967 Not rated yet
Inheited Mum's choker did not fit so restrung using your friends Quick way and added crystals. Happy after 5th try. Started using Silk #1 2 metres not …

My conch pearl is divine Not rated yet
Hi!! My little conch pearl is divine!! I also wanted to thank you for sharing information from your husband's book. You take good care and very best to …

My wife loves the ring Not rated yet
Hi Kari, My wife loves the ring so many thanks to yourself and your pearl partner in Bahrain. Best regards, H

I will always think to you... Not rated yet
Dear Kari, > I'm very happy to let you know that your gift from your monthly giveaways is finally arrived here to Italy. > Many many thanks once again. …

Received the lovely pearl pendant Not rated yet
Hi Kari, Happy New Year! :D I just received the lovely pearl pendant that really does belong with the earrings. I like to wear them for every day, …

Love it Not rated yet
Hi Kari, I love it! It looks amazing against my skin. Thanks again! C.

I enjoy reading your monthly newsletter Not rated yet
Kari, I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your monthly newsletter ! And now you are going to show us your jewelry too! I am so excited …

Appreciate your newsletters! Not rated yet
Kari, really appreciate your monthly email! Yes I did enter the > contest. But first, I read through your whole message & have a heart > of thankfulness!! …

It's lovely Not rated yet
Hello, Kari, Order has arrived and it's lovely. I'll send a pic of the ring when it's finished. It's a 1940's shell motif pave' set with diamonds. …

Better than I expected. Not rated yet
The pendant is beautiful Better than I expected Thank you J

Highly satisfied Not rated yet
Hello Kari, I just received the Basra pearl and its so beautiful. This is the first time that I have purchased a natural undrilled natural pearl …

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They are amazing! Not rated yet
Dear Kari, By the way, thank you for the pearls I ordered last year (right before COVID). They are amazing! :) B.

very much impressed Not rated yet
Dear Kari, I received the three Conch Pearls and very much impressed by the elegance and delicatenes of how you packed the pearls. Thank you very much. …

Hi Kari, Not rated yet
Hi Kari, I just received the pearls and LOVE them. Thanks so much again! I will be sure to order again in the future! I am looking for black pearl …

Wow Not rated yet
WOW.... well Miss Anderson presentation is everything and you have got it down!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 The pearl is a beauty but I also love all of the paraphernalia …

Hello Kari, Not rated yet
Hello Kari, I received today my beautiful pair of pearls and thank you for the beautiful package and the bottle pendant. It will be a while before I …

Thank you so much Not rated yet
Hello Kari! Thank you so much for a lovely conch pearl! Also the nice fabric you wrapped the pearl in and the very cute treasure bottle necklace! I will …

It is perfect! Not rated yet
Hello Kari, Sorry for the late reply. I received my conch pearl and it is perfect! And thank you so much for the extra surprises, very thoughtful of you. …

Please explain about flame Not rated yet
Hello Kari I just received the package. I love it and I was a bit surprised that there were no “flame” on the pearls. Is it normal? Thank you J @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ …

It's perfect Not rated yet
Hello Kari, Sorry for the late reply. I received my conch pearl and it is perfect! And thank you so much for the extra surprises, very thoughtful of you. …

Thanks Not rated yet
Dear Kari, The pearl arrived today and I am thrilled! The pearl really adds to the beautiful collection of natural pearls that I have purchased from …

Hi Kari Not rated yet
Hi Kari, My pearl arrived today and is everything I hoped it would be. Thank you. I’m very pleased. All the best to you and your family! Regards, L …

Received the necklace Not rated yet
Received the necklace today and you are right, they are lovely pearls. They have warmth to them. And the little mussel pearl is very sweet. Thank you. …

The pearls are exquisite! Not rated yet
Hello Kari, I received the Bahrain/Gulf pearl bracelet today. The pearls are exquisite and I am so pleased with them--they are gems. I love the ambiguous …

Got the conch pearl Not rated yet
Got the conch pearl 😁. Thanks a million. It’s lovely. It’s going into a 22ct ring. I’ll send pics. Btw what is the gift??? A lovely tribal looking bracelet. …

Hello Kari Not rated yet
Hello Kari, Sorry I couldn’t answer your previous email, I have spent some time on a mountain are with no internet. I have received the pearl already, …

I have enjoyed your shop Not rated yet
I am so excited about adding 3 conch pearls to my collection. Not sure if I'll make a pendant or a brooch or a dual. I have enjoyed your shop and information …

Picked up my pendant this morning Not rated yet
Hi Kari, Picked up my pendant this morning and hope to get down to the souk to see about getting my bracelet idea started. Many thanks for the information …

Very Nice web site Not rated yet
Very Nice web site, and I love the fact that you are a Born Again Believer! I come near daily to your site to learn more, so many links and pages! so …

Hi Kari, You have an Not rated yet
Hi Kari, You have an AWESOME website. The story of those three ladies and their experiences at the button factory was so nice. I learned more about …

Dear Kari Not rated yet
Dear Kari, I have an extensive range or pearls that i have been given since i was born. I adore pearls. I have been searching for a while …

Thanks so much for all Not rated yet
Hello from New Mexico! I happened upon your website and found it to be so interesting and informative - I have just started making jewelry and love it! …

your customer service is Not rated yet
your customer service is great...and I like that you are specialized in pearls ..... BR

They are mesmerizing Not rated yet
Got the amazing Pearls Kari. And your lovely hand written note. Thank you kindly. I love them. They are mesmerizing they appear almost liquid. Beautiful. …

Fantastic Not rated yet
Hello Kari, I received it yesterday morning and was supposed to write to you today. Fantastic is the word that comes to me...really beautiful...thanks …

Kari, you Not rated yet
Kari, you are the loveliest woman. Thank you so much for your good wishes. With warmest wishes, Janine

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Thank you Kari Not rated yet
Thank You Kari. Thanks for everything. Of course I’ll be buying from you again, again and again. You’re really awesome. Thank You God Bless ❤️ …

My wife loved the earrings Not rated yet
Just to follow up, earrings were received and wife loved them, they made for the perfect birthday gift. Thank you once again for working with me on …

I am pleased Not rated yet
Pearl arrived today and i am pleased with it. Thank you very much, Fran

Thank you very much Not rated yet
Annamaria here. Thank you very much, for my (futuristic), but beautiful clam pearl. My daughter (Tünde) got it on 03/05/2019 in Hungary. Unfortunately …

Hello Kari Not rated yet
Hello Kari The Pearl has arrived just in time. it looks Beautiful, thank you. Thanks Kind regards Adrian

Good evening, Mam. Not rated yet
Good evening mam. I like new header very much the same being too marvellous. Wish you all the best. I have reason to believe that you will certainly march …

Hi Kari, Not rated yet
Hi Kari, The pearl arrived safely, thank you for the lovely packing. Marianne

Thanks, Kari Not rated yet
Kari, I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know that I received the conch pearl. It’s beautiful and I absolutely love the shell box and fabric …

Started saving again! Not rated yet
Dear Kari The pearls have arrived, lovely I am so pleased. I have started saving again, will be in touch! Very best wishes Janet

Thanks Not rated yet
Hi Kari, Thanks! I have just received the pair of lovely earrings. It's very pretty and I like it alot. Guess the wait is still worth it. Though …

Selling my pearl Not rated yet
I'm happy, she is very serious and responsible in this business, Thanks Kari

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Hi Kari, I received the pear earrings and I just love them. Such delicate little beauties! Thank you,


I love my conch pearl! I mean my wife will love it. I will send you a picture of what I want to make her in a pendant. Maybe you can keep your eye out for a 12 mm to ???mm plus egg shape conch pearl in a light pink for an impressive pendant. Please and thanks again. God bless you too and your family. Thanks


Thanks for the personal and prompt service. I was happy to be able to find such a unique pearl to give to my mom for Christmas. I am going to attempt to have it mounted so she will have a personalized piece of jewelry. She isn't normally the jewelry type, but I know she would love to wear something of my own construction.


Received my pearls today...they are beautiful! thank you.

God's Blessings,


Hello Kari,

The pearls arrived safely yesterday, and are just as beautiful as I expected them to be! Thank you for making my strand so quickly, and the length is perfect!

I love the single natural pearl, too - it was the one that 1st lead me to your site, and I'm glad it's finally home with me!


Hi Kari,

I received my black pearl necklace and earrings. They are beautiful. Have been wearing them for two days now. Thank You!

Susie Jones

Wow, spectacular!

Hi Kari,

Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang today - your pearls arrived in their pretty Chinese silky pouches. So fast!

Am very impressed - they are substantial, full of lustre, beautifully designed, wonderful colours, each clasp is different... I am used to tiny, understated Japanese designs, but for a European physique, your designs and sizes are much more attractive.

Many thanks, I will be ordering from you again!


Ruth Ann

Hi Kari,

The pearl strand arrived yesterday, and is beautiful! I'm very pleased - Thank you so much!

Please let me know when the ones you're expecting back from the gem lab are ready for sale.

Best regards,

Laurel Campbell

Received beautiful Pearls today. Thank You!



Hi Kari, Thanks so much for the beautiful pearls. They are perfect.


The natural saltwater pearl arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with it. I can't believe the golden luster that the pearl has. It it is certainly a new treasure to add to my collection.

James Foster

I just got the precious little baby pearls for my granddaughter. I bought 3 because you know that at least one will get lost! They are ADORABLE!!!!!I can hardly wait to see them on her!


Dear Kari,

The pearls are absolutely exquisite! Your service and shipping is top.

All the best,



My pearls came yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you.



I just received the 5 pearl bracelets today. They are beautiful! I am really glad to receive them. Even better news, I had my sonogram last week and I’m having a girl. Yay, now I’ll have one of each.

Take care and have a wonderful week!


Hi Kari,

I just wanted to let you know that we received the bracelet on Saturday and my daughter wore it to her baptism on Sunday. We loved it!



Hi Kari, The necklaces arrived today. They are perfect!! And how nice to have the beautiful little drawstring bags for each girl. We are delighted. Thank you so much.

Kathy Walker

Kari, I received the pearls yesterday. The necklace is awesome. I can't wait the give them to my wife and tell her they are named after your mother. Unfortunately I have to wait until June 29 which is her birthday.

Brad Rasmussen

Thank you for the bracelets they came in today! The colors are nice, thanks for the 3 of each; will work out great. I will send out one of those cards with your webpage on it to the person receiving the bracelet for her baby. I missed out on their baby shower party. Again thank you.


I received the pearls yesterday, they are beautiful and I can't wait to wear them. I am so glad I found your website. I will be in touch with you again as I have decided to send you my daughter's pearls to be restrung.

Suzy Himmelberg

Hi Kari! Received my the bracelets I ordered for my daughter in the mail yesterday. They are beautiful and will go so lovely with her Easter dress. I love the pink ones, wasn't sure I would but they are just lovely. She's only two now so when she's a little older I'll come back and get her next step up. I'm also keeping you in mind for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!!



I wanted to thank you for the beautifull bracelets you send us and for the extra bracelet too! Emily loves it! and me too ;-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


I just received the pearls, and they are wonderful. I will send you a photo after the wedding!

Erin Spencer

I got the white pearls and love them. I am very pleased with the white. They match beautifully. Very excited about the next 2 pearl orders I made with you. I have been going crazy on your pearls. LOVE THEM!

I got the necklaces today, and they are beautiful. Nice work and beautiful pearls. Thank you again.


Hi Kari! The pearls came during the weekend... Thanks so much! All of the pearls have their own charm and they're so nice to look at. I can't choose a favorite, they are all so beautiful! Thanks for sending them so quickly as always.

Katie Bon

Dear Kari, Received my pearls a few days ago and they are beautiful. Your workmanship is outstanding. I especially love the clasp, I've never seen one like it before. I will be buying from you again, there are always gifts to buy and I think every woman should own a real set of pearls, nothing else feels quite like them to wear. Thanks again.

Kathy Mattheu

My mom got me a set of the "cheap pearl necklaces", the design that your daughter came up with. It was one of the few things I asked for for Christmas. Well, they just arrived today, and I must say, they are quite lovely. Just wanted to let you know that I am quite thrilled and definitely plan to buy pearls from your site again.


Thank you Kari for the beautiful baby freshwater pearl bracelets. My little great nieces are three and four and will love them!! God bless you and happy times ahead,

Paula J Countryman

Hi! Kari, I received the pearl drop set and the 7-way necklace today. Gorgeous items! I especially had fun wearing the 7-way necklace! Thanks


Dear Kari, I just wanted to write and say how impressed I am with your service, and how truly pleased I am with the pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets I received from you. They are fantastic quality. They were well packed, and delivered very quickly. My bridesmaids adore them, as do I and I know that they will look absolutely stunning on the day. Thank you so much for all your help. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Kindest regards,

Piage Gibson,Brisbane, Australia

Hi Kari,
My black pearls arrived yesterday. Mondays are long for me, so I didn't get them until I arrived home at 10:00 PM. You said satisfaction guaranteed. I must admit I'm not satisfied. That's far too tame a word. I'm thrilled. The pearls are stunning. When I opened the silky bag and poured them into my hand, I think my heart actually skipped. I'm sure I gasped. The luster is exceptional. Blemishes moderate to light. Great color. I'd have to say I believe them to be better quality than described.

Jeannie Dees
Fayetteville, NC

Hello Kari,
I just wanted to say thank you for the necklace and earrings.
They are very beautiful and were greatly appreciated.
The design made the set breath taking.
You did very well.
Thank you once again.

Daniel from Florida

I LOVE IT. You are amazing! Please tell me exactly what type pearls these lovely things are so I can answer correctly when asked and get you more customers.

Karen McMullin

I got my pearls today. They are magnificent, And I love my bracelet. Thank you very much.

Diane Hoover Bechtler

Hi Kari,
The necklace was beautiful and quite a hit for my sister-in-law. Thank you for sending it so quickly. Happy New Year.


Dear Kari
I just wanted to let you know that my pearls are gorgeous!! I truly love them!! My friends are all jealous!
Thank you so much...you have a great holiday!!

Laura Day

I have to commend you on your willingness to work with us!
I actually found myself smiling at your e-mail because of your kindness!
I am definitely going to tell anyone I know about how wonderful your pearl sale services are!


Thank you for my peach pearl necklace with two sizes of pearls that you knotted (beautifully!). The pearls are lovely and I've had lots of compliments on them. Wow. A personal note. I really like your site. Lots of information and great photos too. You seem like a generous person...............thank you.


I just wanted to tell you, how amazing my first lavender pearl necklace and the earrings are. I was so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship you provide. You are an Angel!Because this coming Sunday is my birthday, I treated myself to a second pearl necklace - this time in black, 30.5" with flower clasp.Kari, you are so generous to offer s&h for free.Big Hug and BIG Thanks!


Thank you so much for the beautiful baby bracelets. The skeptic in me did was not sure what kind of bracelet I would get for a dollar but when I saw them I knew that it was worth far more than the dollar and I knew that even more when my 2 year old little girl opened the package and the first thing out of her mouth was "Beautiful"--- thank you so much for making my little girls day!


I bought my wife your pink pearl set for Christmas, and she really enjoyed receiving the present. Thank you very much. I chose to buy from your site, because it seemed more personal somehow, than a typical jewelry site. I enjoyed reading the information you provided, and it bore out in a wonderful gift for my wife. Thanks again.


Hi Kari,
I bought some pearls from you a few months ago and I just wanted to tell you that I love them!! I never wear them without someone giving me a compliment!! I bought the little girl's bracelet for my niece and she will not take it off!! They are truly gorgeous...your pictures do not do them justice!!


I found KariPearls when I was doing a project for my Language Arts class. My assignment was to find out how much the pearl in John Steinbeck's novel would sell for on the market today. Kari helped me by telling me the scale that pearls are graded on and showing me the world's largest Melo pearl (the size of a ping pong ball) and that the owner had rejected an offer of $7 million. Steinbeck's pearl on today's market would be almost priceless because of its size, lustre, shape, color and surface quality. Thank you so much for your help!!!


I just wanted to say thank you so much for not being afraid to give God the glory for all of the beautiful things he has created for us. I use wire wrapping in my jewelry and love to incorporated many of the dyed pearls into my pieces along with different type of semi-precious gemstones and glass. It was so nice to run across a website that was not ashamed to mention God in big bold letters. Thank you!!


I have probably spent a minimum of 15 hours or even more, reading every word on your website, and then going to your links, for another 20 hours.

Your website is the most interactive, personable, interesting and educating about pearls, on the web, bar none! I am hugely impressed with YOU for contributing so delightfully and comprehensibly to those of us who want to know about Pearls. You're quite amazing. Most Sincerely,

Fayetteville, NC

God Bless Kari. It's inspiring to hear about someone who enjoys her business and integrates it into her life in such interesting ways (and passes on the blessings).


The necklace is gorgeous! Thank you, so much. I know it will be a hit in the auction. I loved your story! It's people like you who make businesses successful. Thank you, again.

Carmel Folton

I just (well a couple of hours ago- have been reading it all!) found your site. It is great and I have added it to my favourites!The best pearl site Ive found.I can tell you are a true pearl lover! I am fascinated by these magic wonders of nature and I love to read about them.And collect them... So, once again thank you for a beautiful site!Pearly greetings


Once again thank you so much for such a lovely product! I love it so much I think Im going to send in for a pink one (I only got the white one at first) Once I put it on my daughter and saw just how darn cute it looked on her I fell in love! She truly is going to be a princess!! LOL!! Btw I LOVE the bracelet I sent in for my daughter. She's 3 months and my first so of course shes going to get spoiled to the 10s! Thanks for such a lovely and beautiful bracelet!! Have a great day!!


"I got the baby bracelet today, and it is exquisite! It fits my tiny daughter's wrist perfectly."

Beth of DiaperCuts

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