very much impressed

Dear Kari,

I received the three Conch Pearls and very much impressed by the elegance and delicatenes of how you packed the pearls. Thank you very much. I love the pearls, the shell where you have put them and the beautiful bottled agate gift. Again, thank you very much. These pearls are birthday gifts to my only child/ daughter. Don’t know yet how I’m going to customize it since the pearls are so tiny. Will surely show you once it is customized.

I felt heat on my hands and arms while reading your letter. It is full of the Presence and Fire of The Triune God . It is a blessing to do business with a God fearing person like you Kari. I have to order some more pearls in the future . What is the perfect size for a Conch pendant/ring? One that goes with the ones I ordered already?

May I call you if I have some questions?

God bless you and your entire family 🙏

Sincerely, B.

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