Jewelry Pearl Set

Jewelry Pearl Set These are gorgeous, wear everywhere, everyday pearl sets in a variety of four colors.

Freshwater cultured pearls are affordable and all nacre. There is no shell bead that's only covered with a thin layer of "pearl", these are pearl nacre through and through. They'll look lovely for years and years.

White Pearl Drop Set
White Pearl Drop Set

Lavender Pearl Drop Set
Lavender Pearl Drop Set

Black Pearl Drop Set
Black Pearl Drop Set

Pink Pearl Drop Set

Pearl Type: Freshwater Cultured
Pearl Size: 8mm
Color: White (natural), Pink (natural), Lavender (natural), Black (dyed)
Pearl Surface: Clear
Pearl Shape: Drop
Pearl Luster: Good
Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 16"

Sorry, these necklace set are no longer available.

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