Please explain about flame

Hello Kari

I just received the package. I love it and I was a bit surprised that there were no “flame” on the pearls. Is it normal?
Thank you

Thanks for letting me know that the set arrived and that you love it.
Conch pearls without flame are very normal, yes. But it's also normal to have flame. They can be either with or without flame.
On my listing, I try and tell that there is flame when there is, otherwise, I tend to not mention it.
I hope that isn't terribly disappointing to you as you were expecting it.
From now on, for my listings maybe I should also mention that there is no visible flame when there isn't.
I'm sorry that I didn't make it clear for this set.
I hope it will still bring you much joy.

God bless,


Hello Kari
I definitely love the set and will enjoy it.
I was just unaware of the variety or lack of flame in conch pearls.
Thank you and have a great day.


Thank you, J. It's always a pleasure to hear from my customers.

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