Pictures of Pearls
Men & Beasties of British Museum

Pictures of pearls.... Men riding Pearl Dragons, Dangling Horses and Riders, Pearl Mermaid, Mounted Hippocampi, Ram, Lamb, Sea Monsters.

Aren't these amazing?

So much detail went into these antique pearl pendants. The British Museum's collection is mind-boggling.
Sorry, the video I originally posted here is no longer available.

Pendants date from the 16-19th century. Ummmmmm....did we finally get practical and quit making these?

French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Hungarians...artisans from several nationalities created these popular items.

I've grouped the men and beasties together for this slide show...sea dragons, rams, mermaids, Venus and Cupid, Lamb of God, mounted steeds, sea monsters and hippocampi....mythical horses with fish tales.

I took these pictures of pearls through glass cases amid weird lighting with an inexpensive Traveler Slimline X5 digial camera which I purchased at Aldi's grocery store.

Oh...I know what you're thinking...yikes!...a camera from a discount grocery store!! But I've come to realize that the Aldi company carefully researches the electronic equipment offered at their I let them do that part for me and trust their choices.

An update on cameras in my life....I took my son, Andrew's advice and bought a Canon Elf Powershot 1000. It's been super, except for the fact that everyone wants to use it!

Visiting the British Museum in London can easily fill several days of your time....there's soooo much to see and lots of lovely items made with pearls.

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