Oyster Photos
Petrified Oysters and More

Here you can enjoy oyster photos...I'm especially glad for my petrified oysters which I scanned on our scanner...(our camera is traveling with a family member at the moment)...good thing they are flat for easy scanning.

Petrified Oyster Photos Thames River
Petrified Oysters from Thames River

Did you know that there are petrified oyster shells on the shore of the Thames River in London? While I was there, archeologists told us that if the shell is flat, it was from Roman times, because they harvested naturally grown oysters. If the shell was all wrinkled up...it was from a different period when the oysters were grown in crowded baskets making them form unnaturally....interesting stuff.

Because of that fun afternoon scrounging around on the Thames foreshore, I’m now a proud owner of 2,000 year old petrified oyster shells from the Roman Period of history.

Kari London Thames River
Kari London Thames River

Here I am scrounging on the Thames for ancient artifacts...see how happy I am...just ask my kids...they'll say "Mom's always happiest when she's scrounging!"

Read more about the afternoon I searched for artifacts on the Thames here.

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