Images of Black Pearls

Making images of black pearls is like having a successful model pose for you...they just always look good, no matter where they are.
We've been having fun taking images of black pearls in a variety of settings and backdrops so decided to make a special section just for photos.

black freshwater pearls necklaces on a rock

Black freshwater pearl necklaces on a rock photo by Kari

This photo was taken on rocks by the shore of the Mississippi River in Muscatine, Iowa, which has for its slogan, by the way..."Muscatine, Pearl of the Mississippi River."

Notice the vibrant colors of the pearls which are dyed and not a natural color.

...not perfect, but not too imperfect either...lovely pearls with sterling silver clasps.

black freshwater pearls overflowing from shell by Mississippi River

Black freshwater pearls tumbling from shell by Mississippi River photo by Kari

Same black pearls in a shell from the Mississippi River...pearls are imported.

If you enjoy pearl pictures...I've added unique photos to my other pages and will try and not duplicate them too much on these image pages.

To view another photo of black pearls in a shell click here.

black pearls beside petunias

Black freshwater pearls by petunias photo by Kari

Who says only expensive cameras take good photos? These images were taken with MEDION /MD5319 digital/video/PC camera (three-in-one). The price was only $39.00 (on sale...originally $59.00) at our local ALDI grocery store. I was doubtful...buying a digital camera at a discount grocery store, but they assured me I could return it if I wasn't happy with it. I was happy with it. My mother had given our family $40.00 for a Christmas gift and this tiny camera has been the perfect gift we can all enjoy. In outdoor light I've gotten up to 77 HIGH resolution photos at one time.
To view a photo of Pearls and here


Black freshwater pearls on lilies by Mississippi River photo by Kari


Black freshwater pearls on maple tree by Mississippi River photo by Kari

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