Pearl Names

Pearl names are from the Greek word: Margarites.

pink pearls on peonies
Therefore, the names and derivatives of

Margarita mean pearl.

In ancient times, these were considered holy

pearl names and

Mararita was often used for baby

girls of the pious and for beautified saints

in the language of Christian countries.

Female forms of Margarites=Pearl

Italian: Margherita and Rita

French: Marguerite and Margot

German: Margarethe, Gretchen and Gretal

English: Margaret, Marjorie, Madge and Margie

Men's titles derived from Margarites=Pearl

Gareth and Garrett

Two patron saints who were rechristened as "pearls," were:

St. Margaret Aethling of Scotland

Margaret, "the pearl of Bohemia," beloved of the Danes.

Pearls are highly symbolic ...anyone with a title from the above choices can be proud and hold their heads high...they too symbolize purity and quality.

Pearls themselves are sometimes named for their type as in Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, Freshwater, or their shape, such as Button, Oval, Baroque, and in some countries they are named for shapes of local things like Shoppa which is a type of bread and pearls that look like that bread get that name. Be careful when choosing pearls, as some are called natural, when it is the color that is natural and not the origin. True natural pearls are ones found randomly in the wild and haven't been interfered with by man in any way. Also, in one country I visited all Akoya pearls were labeled "Mikimoto" do your homework when buying pearls and thoroughly investigate a pearl name's true meaning.

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Special thanks to Joan Younger Dickson for her Book of Pearls, where this information was acquired.

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