Natural Pearls at the British Museum in London

I've spent many enjoyable hours at the British Museum in London looking at and photographing natural pearl jewelry pieces.

It's great that photographs are allowed there...even though the lighting and glass hinder photography. Still the natural pearls in these photos in this slide show show up quite nicely....Enjoy.

Natural pearls interest me greatly.

Kari's Note: Unfortunately, the slide show company I used is no longer available and it was so long ago that I visited the British Museum that those photos are on disks in my file and I haven't taken the time to hunt them up and add them. Another "to do" on my long list.

I attempted to write down details of each item I photographed...but there's vast room for improvement in my researching skills. For one thing, when I'm in a hurry, my handwriting leaves much to be desired.

Anyway, it's not so much the facts as the photos in this case. People for centuries have enjoyed and appreciate natural pearls and as cultured pearls become more available and affordable, the interest and value of natural pearls will only increase.

Keep an eye open for natural pearls and let me know if you have a interesting natural pearl you'd like to write a page about for this growing pearl website.

Hang onto your hats...I have several more photos of pearl items from this fabulous place...some will really "Rock You."

Go to main Natural Pearl page after seeing British Museum Pearls.

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