Natural Pearl Photos

See natural pearl photos clustered in colorful groupings.

One day I threw in a bunch of natural pearl jewelry and loose natural pearls to take some photos. I decided to use one for my new header, although I've been advised that it's too "mom & popish" so will probably change it before too long. At least it is better than my previous header which was of black cultured pearls....especially since I only sell natural pearls now.

The switch for me to selling natural pearls was a natural one. I saw how abundant and how cheap the cultured pearls were becoming and wanted to focus on something more special and rare.  When you see runway after runway draped in pearls, pearls, pearls, you can tell these designers are snapping up something beautiful that is also very cheap and common.  I'd rather offer my clients one of a kind pearls that will hold their value and often in many cases become excellent investments as they see the value of natural pearls increasing.

In the meantime I did have fun taking a few shots of the pearls. I never get tired of seeing the variety of colors in natural pearls!

I wish I had more pink conch pearls on hand that day. They add just the right brilliance of pinkish color to a photograph.

I also wanted to take some natural pearl photos to post on Pinterest. I enjoy the creative long photos often posted on there and wanted to have some of my own.

I couldn't resist putting in my Chinese solid gold ring that I purchased at a local thrift shop.  I need to start wearing that everyday. It's just too lovely to keep in a safe.

I call this one "red, white & blue" in honor of America.  Two of the pearls are from America, the pink one is from Minnesota, the iridescent blue one from California. The wonderful white one is from the Philippines, next to my grandmother's wedding ring for size comparison.

More photos of pearls after natural pearl photos.
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