Pearl Spider Captures a Golden Fly on Amethyst

This pearl spider and golden fly were up for auction recently in Los Angeles, California, at a Bonhams & Butterfield auction house on Sunset Blvd.

Pearl Spider with Fly
Spider with Golden Fly on Amethyst

Amethyst Stalactite with Two Detachable Brooches
"The Spider and The Fly"
By Manfred Wild
Idar-Oberstein, Germany

Pearl Spider

Spider made of a Pearl

A section of an amethyst stalactite having an unusual "shelf" formation forms the "stage" upon which the drama between a spider and his prey is played. Festooned with a large cobweb, fabricated of 18K white gold, the 18K yellow gold fly (a removable tie pin) is entrapped. His body is set with one circular-cut green diamond, weighing approximately 0.07 carats and two colorless diamonds, weighing 0.02 carats, length 1.25 in. The body of the spider is formed of a triple conjoined South Seas cultured pearl weighing approximately 22.90 carats and measuring 18.0 x 12.0 x 14.0mm. Exhibiting rosé overtones and superb luster, it is bezel-set in 18K yellow gold with two diamonds, weighing approximately 0.02 carats., Raised upon a custom-made base cast of bronze, signed M. Wild.

Height 9.5 in

Photos and text used with permission from Claudia Florins, director, Bonhams & Butterfields.

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