Photos of Black Pearl Strands

Well, it is obvious that I took this photo of black pearl strands at the same time and place as my logo....yup, at one of my favorite places, our farm pond.

Anderwood Pond Black Pearls
Anderwood Pond Black Jewels

I can't wait for it to warm up so I can resume my daily swimming routine. I love it!

Black and white pearls anderwood pond
Black & White Pearls at Anderwood Pond

I never dreamed that I'd live on a farm with such a lovely place to swim. And just two days ago I planted some Weeping Willow trees along one side why is that so special?

Black pearls on wood
Pearls on Wood

Weeping Willow trees along side of our pond is literally a dream come true for me. You see, as a youngster in grade school when we could draw whatever we wanted, guess what I always drew? Yes...a pond, Weeping Willow trees and naturally a swan or two.

black pearls on pole
Black Jewels on Pole

So, while we don't have a swan, yet, we now will have the willows. They will also provide us with privacy on that side which is now exposed to traffic on the gravel road.

Black pearls in front of trees
Black Jewels in Front of Trees

With all the rain this spring, our pond is filled to max and we've added three more grass carp to keep track of any weed grouth.

Black pearls Anderwood Pond
Black Jewels by Anderwood Pond

My husband, a pastor, even held a water baptism there one Sunday and then everyone jumped in for a great afternoon of swimming and jumping off the rope swing.

Black freshwater pearls Anderwood pond
Black Gems by Anderwood Pond

Even though I don't consider myself the athletic type...I love to swim and it still seems like a dream that I can swim right on our own farm.

God often shows me places where I'm to travel to in a dream, so when I had a dream that I was making sand angels on a beach, I started wondering where I should go. Then one day, as I was sunning on our sandy beach by the pond, it hit me! God was showing me that I'd have a beach right here to enjoy!

Black Pearl
Black Gems

This poor popular tree had to be cut down so we could install a satellite dish for our internet connection. I really hated to see it go, but it was too close to our house anyway.

Black pearls on popular leaves
Black Pearls on Popular Leaves

These brilliant leaves were its triumphant attempt at returning the next year. Aren't they gorgeous? I've never seen such vibrant green colors.

Black pearls by popular leaves
Black Pearls by Popular Leaves

They seemed the perfect backdrop for the black pearl strands.

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