Photos of Black Pearl Jewelry

I thought this cultured freshwater black pearl jewelry would look super on this black pottery vase from Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is famous for this gorgeous black pottery and the folks there make up impressive creations with it.

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Black pearls by Oaxaca vase
Black Pearls by Oaxaca Vase

Once, our son, Ethan brought back lots of it and sold the amazing pieces to a gift shop owner here in Muscatine. The owner was crazy about it and bought all Ethan had for sale.

Black pearls magnolia Oaxaca pottery pansy oil painting
Black Pearls, Magnolia Petals, Oaxaca Pottery, Oil Painting

Several members of our family have spent time volunteering at Casa Hogar, an orphanage in Oaxaca, which is run by very good friends of ours, Carol and Francisco Marin.

Black pearls with pansy oil painting
Black Pearls with Pansy Painting

Also, I'm a real softy for primitive art, like this pansy oil painting. It came from my Aunt Hilma's belongings after she passed away. Aunt Hilma lived in Los Angeles and her best friend was Rosemary Clooney.

Black pearls Oaxaca pottery
Black Pearl Jewelry with Oaxaca Pottery

Since Aunt Hilma didn't have any children, we nieces and nephews descended upon her home to go through her things. We only wished Auntie Hilma herself could have been there to join us, but it proved to be a great way for us cousins to get re-acquainted.

Black pearls on pansy oil painting
Black Pearl Jewelry on Pansy Oil Painting

So guess who took lots of her paintings? Yup, me. Not everyone appreciates primitive art, but I love it. I only wish I had kept some of the frames. At the time I thought they were too bulky to take on the plane, but now I realize I should have figured out a way, after all, I did manage to get the primitive hand painted dresser on board. An interesting thing about that antique dresser is that there were no nails holding it together.

Fancy Frame Black Pearls Oaxaca Pottery
Fancy Frame, Black Pearls, Oaxaca Pottery

And this frame I picked up somewhere, probably at a second hand store....that seems to be my hobby lately, treasure hunting in those places.

Black pearls dried magnolia petals Oaxaca vase pansy oil painting
Black Pearl Jewelry on Magnolia Petals

Even the magnolia petals are special. They come from the magnolia tree that grew in our yard when we lived in a Victorian parsonage in town. We lived there twenty years and restored that house to its original loveliness...many happy memories from there.

Fancy Frame Black Pearls Oaxaca Vase
Fancy Frame, Black Pearls, Oaxaca Vase

And just two days ago, Anna, Sarah and I drove by the "old house" to see the magnolia in bloom. There's nothing quite like magnolias in bloom.

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