Pearl Mississippi Repairing Streets

Pearl Mississippi repairing streets

Alderman Gavin Gill said he spent spring break combing the streets of the city's sixth district, identifying streets most in need of repair.

With a $9.75 million bond issue on deck, the Forest Hill High School assistant principal and fellow city aldermen are recommending roads for restoration projects.

"We have enough money to pave about four miles of streets in each district," Gill said.

Last week, aldermen approved a plan to issue $9.75 million in bonds. With payments to the city's other bonds about to end, payments will be directed to this new bond, which Mayor Brad Rogers said will be issued in coming weeks. Taxes won't increase, Rogers said.

"We have to do something to our streets, or we're going to be driving on dirt roads," Rogers said. He said he hopes construction will begin by June.

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