Introduction to Mikimoto Pearl Island

Start here for many pages about Mikimoto Pearl Island at Toba, Japan, home of the world's first cultured pearl.

Mikimoto Pearl Island

In 1893, after many failed attempts, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in culturing a pearl. Which simply means that man started the process, but beast (oyster) finished it.

Today Mikimoto Pearl Island is a tasteful and extremely informative memorial to the man who dedicated his life to finding a way to mass produce quality pearls.

The Memorial Hall details the life of this incredible man and displays numerous artifacts. The museum consists of a world-wide historical jewelry section, Mikimoto jewelry section and cultured pearl development, processing section. Also on the island are a Mikimoto jewelry store, Pearl Island jewelry for sale, and Mikimoto International items, which includes a full line of cosmetics. Restaurants are also available.

Ama divers give regular demonstrations of former days when they dived for oysters.

Many thanks to the kind and helpful staff at this amazing island for permission to take photos and gather information about his important person.

Every photo on my Pearl Island website pages was taken with permission from the staff at the island, museum, memorial center and stores.

Up until 1970 a ferry took visitors across the few hundred meters from Toba to the island. Today a covered memorial bridge leads one there with ease.

I invite you to enjoy the following pages (more to be added soon) dedicated to this island. I'll tell you how to get there, what's to see and show you photographs you won't want to miss. For those of you who don't have the opportunity to go there, this is for you. And for those who plan on visiting...this will give you a foretaste.

Getting to Mikimoto Pearl Island
Ama Divers of Pearl Island
Pearl Island Memorial Hall
Tansu Traditional Japanese Cabinetry
Mikimoto Animation at Pearl Island
Mikimoto's wife Ume
Letter from Thomas Edison to Mikimoto
Mikimoto's "Boss's String of Pearls" necklace
Mikimoto's Co-workers

Kokichi Mikimoto--Pearl King
Pearl Island Museum
Cultured Pearls Museum
Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry Shop on Pearl Island
You may also enjoy reading more about Mikimoto after reading this Mikimoto Pearl Island page.

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