Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry at Pearl Island, Toba, Japan

Mikimoto pearl jewelry...find it for sale on Pearl Island at Toba, Japan where you will also see a very expensive pearl worth over a quarter million USD!

Mikimoto pearl jewelry on Pearl Island (Toba, Japan) is available in a shop which consists of about four areas: Mikimoto brand jewelry (the real thing), Mikimoto Pearl Island Jewelry (Pearl Island souvenirs, but not authentic Mikimoto), Mikimoto International (authentic Mikimoto brand gift items), and lower priced souvenirs.

Shops on the Mikimoto Pearl Island also sell Mikimoto cosmetics, of which several contain pearl powder.

(At the Ginza Mikimoto International store in Tokyo, I was given some samples of their cosmetics.)

The official Mikimoto pearl jewelry store on the island carries a wide variety of their styles.

Here you can see some of the expensive cultured Mikimoto pearl jewelry for sale.

Pearl of Great Price

Since the beginning of my interest in pearls I've desired to see a really expensive, large pearl....and here it was! It's price tag was approximately a whopping $335,000 USD.

(Unfortunately, the photo I took of this pearl of great price didn't turn out...)

The huge golden unmounted south sea pearl, sealed in it's own single display case was by far the most stunning pearl I have seen so far.

My boys had been patiently waiting outside for me, but I told them they needed to check out this beauty before we left...so they did.

To the left is a Mikimoto pearl jewelry set.

Here I share my personal journey of faith in search of a pearl of great price.

Although the Mikimoto "Pearl Island Jewelry" isn't the official Mikimoto jewelry brand...you'd never know it by the price tags....some prices included: $40,000 necklaces and single unmounted pearls for $12,000.

Here are some of the Pearl Island jewelry pieces that were for sale. Prices are in Japanese Yen...for USD equivalent take off the last two digits.

Another kind clerk...this place was literally full of very kind, supportive employees...took the time to explain that often tourists think they're buying something which is authentically Mikimoto, but no, it's only "Mikimoto Pearl Island" jewelry.

I will say, however, that those pieces had very high quality and prices.

The helpful salesman was also very interested in my small Medion camera hanging around my neck...so it was fun to show it to him.

Friendly sales people make researching like this so much more fun!

Under the same roof are some normal cheaper souvenir items and lower priced-lower quality pearl jewelry....something for everyone.

My new friend took the time to explain about all this and the island and the Mikimoto company, which now, he said, has no blood relative in top management, but someone related through marriage to Mikimoto sits as chairman of the board.

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