The Pearl Place - Philippines

The Pearl Place - Philippines

Of all the precious gems, pearls posses an extraordinary allure.

In ancient times, pearls were considered so valuable that royalty hoarded them and often equated them with the wealth of their kingdoms. Cleopatra, fabled queen of The Nile, wagered her pearl earrings to prove Egypt’s prosperity and rich culture to her Roman consort, Marc Anthony.

Legend has it that she steeped one of her pearl earrings — which at the time were considered the biggest, and therefore the most valuable, in the world — in vinegar and drank the pearl cocktail to show that she could throw the most expensive banquet in the world. Needless to say, Marc Anthony conceded.

Long revered as a symbol of wealth, pearls are some of the most sought after jewels in the world, reflecting grace, sophistication and an unmistakable touch of elan.

It was this imagery that Robinsons Land Corporation sought to capture and reflect in their latest high rise residential property.

Like the jewel for which it was named, The Pearl Place exudes elegance, with a stylized design aesthetic that is very modern — concrete and glass facades, wide windows and embellished interior details. Even the two towers look like an oyster when viewed from the top showing the pool area and the amenities below.

Sprawled across 3,000 sqm of prime real estate, this mixed high-rise boasts of 1,502 residential units spread across two 40-story towers. The ground floor features 800 sqm of commercial space.

Located along Pearl Drive beside the University of Asia and the Pacific, in Ortigas Center, the project is an easy walk to many establishments like banks, hotels, schools and churches, even the Philippine Stock Exchange. Close to malls like Shangri-la Edsa Plaza, SM Megamall and The Podium.

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