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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0034
June 11, 2008

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Early this morning I took John, our youngest of five sons, to the airport for the flight to his ROTC camp. Lots of memories floated through my mind as I waved good-bye.

Finding Natural Pearls

I've been hearing from lots of folks about the natural pearls they've found, usually on their dinner plate. Did you know that all molluscs can make "pearls"? I enjoyed seeing the wonderful display of a vast wall of molluscs (including a sand snail) and their "pearls" at the famous pearl exhibition that was on world tour. I believe it has finished touring now. I happened upon it by accident when I was in Tokyo.

What a thrilling exhibition! I was also shocked to see our local city's display of its pearl button history.

Read about my visit to the exhibit here.

Anyway, not all pearls from all molluscs are lustrously beautiful or even valuable, except I would think they'd hold some value to the one who found them, no matter what the pearl looked like.

Some "found" pearls are valuable, however, and one on my site sold for $2,700. Chiayi was thrilled and thought it was a great return on a few dollars worth of little neck clams.

View Chiayi's pearl here.

I want to highlight these natural pearl finds here in my newsletter. Since there are too many for one newsletter, I'll mention a few each time.

Who Else Has Found Pearls?

Joe's 12 mm Purple Pearl

Corey's Flawless Three-Toned Purple Pearl

Nameless and no photo....but found a pearl!

10mm Quahog for sale.

Susan, from Cape Cod, has an 11mm Quahog pearl for sale.

Crystal's Fabulous Quahog Collection (Photo is just a part of it.)

By the way, you may comment on these finds if you like. Pretty exciting isn't it?

Desperate for a Father's Day gift?

I honestly don't have many gifts for men on my site, but maybe the "men wearing pearls" idea will eventually catch on. A local golf pro asked me to make him a masculine pearl necklace. Ummm, what does that mean? What I came up with was to make one with leather straps to tie instead of a fancy clasp. He was happy.

You might enjoy this page showing how historically men wore pearls lavishly.

The fellows in your life would for sure enjoy one of my free ecards for Father's Day.
How does a cow skull draped with pearls sound?

Pearls in Hungary

My husband and I are headed for Hungary and Romania this summer. I hope to find some pearls in museums to photograph.

In the meantime here are some great photos and information about pearls from Hungary.

Honoring Fathers

The thought occurred to me one day that even if my father is no longer with us on this earth, I could still honor him in many ways, for example, displaying his photograph in my home, speaking well of him to my children, or planting a tree or flowers in his honor.

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