Quahog Pearl Collection

by Crystal
(Harmony, ME )

Our quahog pearls.

Our quahog pearls.

It's me again, just wanted to send in this second pic. (First photo is under main "Finding a Pearl" section.)

My fiance's grandmother spent much of her youth on Cape Cod quahoging in the bays of Eastham and Orleans, she even did it for a living at one point. She kept every quahog pearl she ever found and later passed them onto her daughter, my fiance's mother, and then his mother passed them down to me. We've always thought they were beautiful and we've enjoyed having them around to look at, but we never thought they were as rare as I've recently discovered them to be. Here are a few of them that I have with me (I'm visiting in Cape Cod). And I'm happy to say that I have a few of them back at my house in Maine, and my mother in law still has about a handfull of her own.

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Jan 04, 2008
Current Market Price
by: Kari

Hi, I talked with a fellow today who pays about $200/carat for nice purple or lavender Quahog pearls. For white clam pearls the price is $50+/carat.

These natural pearls are most often sold by weight and other characteristics also count, like shape, condition, color, size.

There are maybe other markets as well, but that is at last one practical price point to consider, if you're thinking about selling your pearl.

Your local jeweler may be able to help you out with finding your pearl's carat weight.


Dec 10, 2007
Nature's natural beauties
by: Anonymous

Your pearls look great. It's also great all these wonderful beauties of nature are being shared. In my opinion they are the most beautiful jewels on this earth. In no way can man make or duplicate such a treasure made only by nature. And then finding one. Just as rare as they are being found. What a great thing to have found in one's lifetime.

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