14.5 Carat Quahog Pearl

by Chiayi Ni

14.5 Carat Quahog Pearl

14.5 Carat Quahog Pearl

I love raw little neck clams (Quahogs) and really pile on the condiments...lemon juice, cilantro, and cocktail sauce...that's probably why I didn't see this big pearl, which I found in my mouth, thinking it was a rock or something.

As you can see it's a two toned pearl and quite large.

I had it weighed at a pawn shop. It weighs 2.9 grams which translated to carats is 14.5 carats.

Kari is working with me at selling this. I may not get millions for it, but a couple extra thousands will really help me out right now.

Wish me luck!

Kari's Note: I was able to find a buyer for Chiayi's pearl who paid her $2,700 for it. Chiayi was thrilled for the extra cash from an unexpected find in a few dollars worth of Little Neck Clams.

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Feb 02, 2008
Yes, I hope to have a buyer!
by: Kari

Yes, I hope that Chiayi is able to sell her pearl. Since it wasn't heated there's less chance of it being cracked or it's luster being dulled.

I agree with those who realize that even a thousand or two for a totally unexpected find is a bonus to one's finances.

I love hearing about these pearls and seeing the photos. It must be a real thrill to find one, especially one so large.

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