Flawless Quahog Pearl Found

by Corey
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

Three Colored Quahog Pearl - Enlarged

Three Colored Quahog Pearl - Enlarged

I bought a bushel of littleneck clams on 9-21-07 and split them with my father. While eating a raw clam on the halfshell; I bit down into a pearl.

I really could not believe my eyes.

A pearl in a clam? How bizarre is that!

This pearl is different though.

It is about the size of a skittle, oval, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly flawless and shiny.

The most interesting feature is its color. It is dark purple or lavender on one side and gradually fades into silver and then to white. I think this pearl is seriously valuable just based on the information I have found.

I am posting this thread to find out more about other Quahog pearls, find out the value of my pearl and maybe find someone intrested in making an offer.

If anyone out there is knowledgable in this area please chime in.

Corey, West Palm Beach Florida

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Jan 01, 2008
Quahog Pearl
by: Anonymous


My mother has a Quahog Pearl which she found about twenty years ago.

The Pearl is egg shaped and about the size of a pea. The color is purple on one end and ivory colored on the other end.

Nov 26, 2007
Moved to Quahog Section
by: Moderator

As moderator, I've moved Cory's entry to the Quahog section as well as keeping it also on the general "Found a Pearl" section.

Feel free to comment here also.

Nov 26, 2007
Moved this to Quahog catagory
by: Kari

This pearl is for sale. See: https://www.karipearls.com/quahog.html

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