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Pearls of Wisdom newsletter, Issue #0025
June 10, 2007

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Sarah and I have adopted three orphaned barn kittens...we're trying our best.

We'll even have to tote them with us on a trip to Minnesota to see my family. My sweet 87 year old mother still lives on our family farm. It's sooooo much fun to go to my childhood home!

The area I grew up in is steeped with Sioux Indian history and I was thrilled when Mike Denney contacted me about his American Indian Beading Collection. You'll love these colorful creations.

Speaking of American Indians, some of you may have missed this 2,000 year old Indian pearl necklace...found in Iowa, of all places!

Could this be the world's largest blister pearl? Well, at any is BIG!

The famous Baroda Pearls sold for over $7 million. This Christie's Auction article, used with permission, details their long history.

Enjoy this summary of great historic pearls and their weights.

For you readers here is a short story about a Little Oyster by Eugene Field.

So....what was it like to work in a Muscatine pearl button factory? Get the nitty-gritty details in this delightful interview.

I love taking photos of pearls and have added five....yes, five more pages of free e-cards for you to enjoy. These of pearls and the Mississippi River will get you started. There are links to all the others on all the ecard pages.

There's always something new on I am having a blast making this website for you. I hope you enjoy my labor of love as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting!

Be blessed!


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